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Ohio Bill Requires Doctors to Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancies

A new Ohio bill requires doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancies in the uterus, in an attempt to save the pregnancy. House Bill 413 was introduced in the Republican-controlled legislature in November by Representatives Candice Keller and Ron Hood. The 700-page bill defines a fertilized egg as an “unborn child” and outlaws abortions unless the mother’s...

Ohio Governor Releases Gun Reform Policies in Response to Mass Shootings

This Tuesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released a series of policy proposals aimed at reducing gun violence statewide. He addressed the issue from both major perspectives, outlining ideas to ensure better mental healthcare services and to implement gun control reform legislation. The legislative reforms are broad in scope and include many policies that the federal...

Judge Blocks Ohio’s Fetal Heartbeat Law

Last Wednesday, U.S District Judge Michael Barrett temporarily blocked an Ohio law that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, allowing clinics to continue to provide abortions. The law was slated to take effect this month, but Judge Barrett issued a preliminary injunction, blocking the law from taking effect while it is...

Ohio Implements Unconstitutional Six Week Abortion Ban

Ohio has officially banned abortions after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, before many women even know they are pregnant. The law will make an exception to save a woman’s life, however no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. It will take effect in 90 days unless blocked by a federal judge. The law also creates...

Ohio Terminates State Funding For Planned Parenthood

On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health(ODH) notified Planned Parenthood locations all across the state that they would no longer be receiving funding starting next month, due to a 2016 state law that was upheld earlier this month by a federal appeals court. The law forbids the state from providing funding to any affiliations that...

New Ohio Governor ramps up Attacks on Abortion Rights

Newly sworn in governor Mike DeWine made a surprise appearance at the Ohio March for Life rally on Tuesday and has announced that he would sign the heartbeat bill, vetoed by Kasich, if it came to his desk. This bill would ban abortion after 6 weeks without exceptions for rape and incest, making it the...

Ohio Lawmakers Pass Two Anti-Abortion Bills

This week, Ohio lawmakers passed and sent two anti-abortion bills that would restrict abortion access to Governor John Kasich’s office. Opponents of the two bills, the Heartbeat Bill and the Dilation and Evacuation Ban, stated that both bills are unconstitutional and would have a detrimental impact on the state’s health care system. Neither bill includes...

Supreme Court Upholds Ohio Voter Suppression Law

In a 5-4 decision last week, the Supreme Court upheld an Ohio law that removes voters from voter rolls after four years of inactivity. This reversed the 6th Circuit Appeals Court’s decision finding that the Ohio policy violated the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, a law that bans removing voters from voter rolls for failing...

Ohio Governor Signs 20 Week Abortion Ban

Yesterday Governor John Kasich of Ohio signed into law a 20 week abortion ban, vetoing the “heartbeat bill” that had the potential to outlaw abortion as early as six weeks gestation based off the first detectable heartbeat.

Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban Awaits Governor’s Signature in Ohio

A bill that would outlaw abortion after the first detectable fetal heartbeat passed the Ohio legislature Tuesday and is awaiting signature on Governor John Kasich’s desk.

Ohio and Planned Parenthood Settle Federal Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood reached a settlement with the state of Ohio last week, nearly six months after the healthcare provider filed a federal lawsuit seeking to prevent state Attorney General Mike DeWine from unfairly prosecuting the organization.

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit in Ohio

Planned Parenthood announced yesterday that it has filed a federal lawsuit to protect abortion access in Ohio. The suit comes two days after state Attorney General Mike DeWine threatened to take legal action against the health care provider and introduce legislation to further restrict abortion care in the state. DeWine claimed in a press conference...
Ohio State House Votes to Cut Funding to Planned Parenthood

Ohio State House Votes to Cut Funding to Planned Parenthood

The Ohio state House yesterday voted to defund Planned Parenthood in the state, only weeks after the state Senate passed a similar bill. Legislators must now decide which bill to advance.
Dangerous TRAP Laws Blocked in Ohio and Oklahoma

Dangerous TRAP Laws Blocked in Ohio and Oklahoma

This week, women's healthcare providers in Ohio and Oklahoma challenging anti-abortion legislation have succeeded in blocking dangerous TRAP laws in two of the most hostile states in the nation for reproductive rights.
Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion Due to Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion Due to Down Syndrome Diagnosis

In the latest attempt to limit access to abortion in Ohio, legislatures are proposing a bill that would prohibit abortion when a fetus tests positive for Down Syndrome.
Ohio Legislator Became Pro-Choice After Listening To Women's Stories

Ohio Legislator Became Pro-Choice After Listening To Women’s Stories

Tim Ryan, Democratic U.S. Representative for Ohio's 13th congressional district, declared in an op-ed piece yesterday that he's changed his stance on abortion.
Ohio House Rejects Six-Week Abortion Ban

Ohio House Rejects Six-Week Abortion Ban

House Bill 248, a direct affront to Roe v. Wade, would have banned abortion before viability, even in cases of rape or incest.
Ohio Officials Threaten to Close Cincinnati's Last Remaining Abortion Clinic

Ohio Officials Threaten to Close Cincinnati’s Last Remaining Abortion Clinic

Ohio's TRAP law may soon leave an estimated 2.1 million people without access to a comprehensive reproductive healthcare site.
US Supreme Court Shuts Down First Week of Early Voting in Ohio

US Supreme Court Shuts Down First Week of Early Voting in Ohio

Less than 24 hours before the start of Ohio's would-be voting period, the Supreme Court blocked efforts to restore a full seven days of early voting in the state, marking a win for the Republican-controlled legislature that enacted the new voting restrictions.
Ohio State University Agrees to Strengthen Sexual Assault Policies, Ending Federal Investigation

Ohio State University Agrees to Strengthen Sexual Assault Policies, Ending Federal Investigation

The United States Department of Education has completed its investigation into The Ohio State University's compliance with anti-sex discrimination law Title IX, and OSU has agreed to take steps to strengthen its policies on sexual assault and harassment.