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Press Releases

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Date: April-02-98
Contact: Press Secretary
Phone: 213.651.0495

Statement on the Dismissal of Jones v. Clinton

Washington DC -- "From the beginning, we have been troubled by the political context in which Paula Jones' sexual harassment case against President Clinton was originated and has proceeded. Indeed, those groups and individuals that championed Jones' case have a clear record attacking and opposing strong sexual harassment laws and other aspects of women's employment rights. The American Spectator and the Rutherford Institute have long worked to eliminate or weaken sexual harassment and employment discrimination laws. These are the very groups that have questioned whether sexual harassment laws have gone too far and have opposed the women's rights movement in our attempts to strengthen the existing laws."
"Sexual harassment laws are very important to working women in the United States. These laws should not be used as a political football in what appears to be a politically driven case."

"Judge Susan Webber Wright's decision to grant a summary judgment dismissing Paula Jones' sexual harassment claim against President Clinton for lack of evidence was based on the facts presented in the case and based on the law. To prove sexual harassment, a plaintiff must show that she suffered adverse consequences in her employment a loss of pay, a loss of benefits, denied advancement or other opportunities in the employment context. What Judge Wright said is that given all the evidence presented by Jones' attorneys, Paula Jones could not prove her allegations of sexual harassment because she could not show damages. Indeed, the record shows Jones received pay raises and excellent job evaluations. Whatever happened between Ms. Jones and then Governor Bill Clinton, the Judge has ruled that Jones' allegations simply did not meet these tests."