Birth Control: Our Work

Despite some hard-won victories, the Feminist Majority Foundation continues the fight to expand access to contraceptive services on individual, community, and national levels as well as broaden the reach of comprehensive reproductive health information. Some of our triumphs include:

2009: Affordable contraceptive access for clinics serving low-income patients and college students restored

2006: Over-the-counter emergency contraception approved by the FDA

Much of our current work to increase access to birth control and reproductive health information, especially for low-income and young people, is housed under our Feminist Campus program. Some of Feminist Campus’ campaigns include:

Birth Control Access

Our grassroots network of student groups pushes for increased access to emergency contraception (Plan B) in student health centers and engages in initiatives to educate and empower students about their reproductive health options. On a national level, Feminist Campus and the Feminist Majority Foundation work to raise awareness of the availability and safety of emergency contraception and fight for federal funding for contraception.

Expose Fake Clinics

They advertise as so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPCs) or “Pregnancy Resource Centers,” but in reality, most are not medical facilities at all. Fake clinics will often pop up near actual abortion providers in order to draw clinic patients away and prevent them from receiving neutral and comprehensive medical advice. The goal of these fake clinics is to discourage people from seeking abortion care through the use of intimidation, misinformation, and coercion. There are thousands of these clinics nationwide, many of which actively receive federal funding through abstinence-only policies.

Sex Positivity: Educate, Empower, Self-Define!

Sex positivity is grounded in comprehensive sex education, exploring and deconstructing gender norms, and promoting body positivity and self love. Through programs, initiatives, and events on college and university campuses, feminist students are educating their peers on comprehensive and LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education, dispelling myths about and de-stigmatizing sexuality; and promoting healthy relationships, consent, body positivity, and self love.

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