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1995 Clinic Violence Survey Report

Table of Contents | Methodology | Key Findings | Violence Declines | Levels of Violence | Death Threats, Home Picketing, and Stalking | Decreases in Violence | One in Ten Clinics Lose Staff | One in Five Clinics Reported FACE Violations | Law Enforcement Response Improved | Levels of Violence Correlate with Law Enforcement Response | Legal Protectioins | Conclusions | Appendix A | Appendix B

Chart 6. Federal Law Enforcement Responses to FACE Violation Reports

Chart 6

The majority (60.6%) of clinics said that they had been informed by federal authorities of the appropriate FACE contact in the U.S. Attorneys office in their districts.

Law Enforcement Response Improved in 1995

Local, state, and federal law enforcement officials won higher marks from clinics for their responses to anti-abortion violence in the 1995 than in 1994. Local law enforcement response was ranked as "excellent" by 43.9% of clinics in 1995, with 32.3% calling local law enforcement response "good," and 8.7% of clinics reporting "poor" responses. In 1994, 30.3% of clinics reported that local law enforcement response was 'excellent;" 35.4% said local response was "good;" and 11.5% of clinics experienced local response as "poor."

Federal law enforcement received significantly higher ratings from clinics in 1995 than in 1994. Of the clinics, 20.3% reported "excellent" federal response in 1995, with 31% of clinics saying federal response was "good" and 12.9% stating they had experienced a "poor" response from federal officials. In 1994, only 10.5% of clinics had reported an "excellent" response from federal law enforcement, 21.3% said the federal response was "good" and 8% characterized federal response as "poor."