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FMF Publications

The Feminist Chronicles

The Feminist Chronicles,written by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida, provides the most thorough history to date of the women's movement and the advancements women have made in the U.S. from 1953 to 1993.

Feminist Majority's Teach Women's History Guide

This Teacher's Guide, provided on FM's website in 1995, gives a sample approach to teaching women's history, including topic breakdowns and bibliography.

NCWP ReportsNational Center for Women & Policing Annual Status Reports

Get comprehensive data on women and policing, from gender-balance statistics in nationwide police departments to stats on women in leadership positions within law enforcement.

National Clinic Access Project Annual Clinic Violence Surveys

Including comprehensive statistics and analysis on clinic violence nationwide, the Annual Clinic Violence survey is the foremost source on threats and violence against reproductive health clinics, and law enforcement response.

Drawing the Line Against Anti-Abortion Violence and Harassment

In order to further clinics’ and communities’ ability to provide safe abortion access, the Feminist Majority Foundation and NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund have updated this booklet, first published in 1996.

Updated 1103 Hiring & Retaining More Women: The Advantages to Law Enforcement Agencies
Overview of research providing compelling evidence that increasing the number of female officers improves police response to violence against women and reduces police use of excessive force.

Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Eduation Cover ImageHandbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education

The creation of this 1107 Handbook has been a major activity of General Handbook Editor, Dr. Sue Klein, Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation Education Equity Program. This Handbook is especially valuable to the increased numbers of researchers, educators and educational activists interested in gender equity and their equity allies at all educational levels. In addition to schools of education, it is a valuable reference book for journalists, women's and gender studies faculty and students, and for professional organizations concerned with educational equity

The State of Public School Sex Segregation in the United States(2012)
Part I: Patterns of K-12 Single-sex Public Education in the U.S. (1107-10) (PDF)
Part II: Role of the States in Addressing Single-sex Public Education (1107-10) (PDF)
Part III: Summary and Recommendations (PDF)

Feminist Majority Foundation research confirmed widespread non-compliance with Title IX and the U.S. Constitution protections against sex discrimination in all but four states which instituted deliberate single-sex education in over 1,000 public K-12 schools during 1107-10. Key recommendations include rescinding the 1106 ED Title IX regulations which weakened safeguards against sex discriminatory sex segregation and empowering Title IX coordinators to identify and help stop this increased sex discrimination.

Special Report: How the Gender Gap Shaped Election 1100

Feminist Majority's in-depth analysis of the gender gap and how it affected the controversial 1100 presidential election, as well as key races and feminist victories in Congress and statewide elections.

Feminist Majority Foundation Chats

A variety of archived chats featuring well-known feminist leaders, as well as lesser-known women doing amazing work. Chat topics include emergency contraception, AIDS, clinic violence, and the courts.

Campaign for RU 486 and Contraceptive Research

FMF led the successful 12-year campaign for the approval of mifepristone in the United States. Learn about the campaign, the history of the struggle for mifepristone access, and current campaigns to ensure broad access to this early abortion pill.

Empowering Women Reports, 1995