The Feminist Majority held a press conference this morning with a coalition of other women’s rights leaders to announce their endorsement of President Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal was joined by National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill, National Congress of Black Women (NCBW) National Chair Dr. E Faye Williams, and Women’s Information Network (WIN) Executive Committee Chair Carla Reed.

Smeal said in a press release, “Simply put, this election will cast the die on whether we will go forward on women’s rights and opportunities or whether we will undo the gains of the past 40 years. Nothing less is at stake.” The press conference emphasized the achievements of Obama, but also put forth a vision for his next term. Smeal noted the importance of passing the Violence Against Women act without cuts or restrictions, passing the Equal Rights Amendment, as well as appointing more pro-choice women and women of color in his administration.

Smeal also announced the launch of a new website, The site features a timeline of President Obama’s major achievements for women, children, and civil and human rights as well as comparisons of the Obama and Romney records and their positions on key women’s issues and civil rights issues. The Feminist Majority also endorsed Obama in 2008.

Media Resources: Feminist Majority Press Release 7/11/2012

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