Afghan Women and Girls

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Latest Update on the Situation in Afghanistan:

Over the past three months, Taliban increased their offense throughout the country while engaging in peace talks in Doha, Qatar. Taliban had agreed and stated repeatedly that they would not enter provincial capital cities as well as Kabul militarily.

However, on Sunday August 15th, Taliban fighters entered Kabul which resulted in the sudden and unexpected collapse of the elected government of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani fled to the UAE, claiming that he did so to prevent bloodshed. Many other high ranking officials of the Afghan government also fled to the UAE.

In a period of 11 days, provincial governments as well as the national Afghan government collapsed and the emergence of the Taliban as victors has created panic and complete desperation among the Afghan people. Scenes from Kabul, especially Kabul International Airport demonstrated the desperate attempts by the Afghan people, especially women, youth, and all those who worked for the former administration, national and international organizations. Many, especially women, fear the return of the draconian rules of the Taliban, losing freedoms and rights they had enjoyed for 20 years.

While the situation remains uncertain and precarious, for now Taliban seem to be back in control of Afghanistan. Exactly 20 years ago, the United States removed the Taliban regime from power. The current Taliban takeover, the COVID-19 pandemic, internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of Afghan people, 80% of who are women and children, massive unemployment, and a historic drought have put millions of Afghans in danger. This new crisis has put the achievements of the past 20 years at great risk.

What happens in the next days and weeks to come is impossible to predict. For now, this remains an ongoing humanitarian crisis.