Global Women’s Rights

Equality Around the World: Women’s Rights are Human Rights

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Global Campaign has always been based on the belief that the fight we face on the domestic front and the fight we face on the global front for gender equality are not two separate battles: They are one and the same.

The Feminist Majority Foundation is committed to empowering women around the world. Join us as we advocate for Afghan women, increased funding for global sexual reproductive health and rights, the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), known as The Women’s Treaty, and the worldwide elimination of violence against women.

Violence Against Women

As feminism continues to work for better conditions and opportunities for all gender minorities, women are still regularly denied the most basic human rights including freedom from violence and control over their own bodies.  Though incidents of gender-based violence occur all too often around the world, in some places dangerous acts are especially prevalent.  Honor killings, acid attacks, and child marriage are all practices that threaten women’s agency and result in health problems or death.  Two practices that are particularly widespread are Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and sex trafficking.  FGM is an unnecessary procedure performed on approximately 2 million young people a year, often causing serious complications.  Sex trafficking is a form of slavery that takes away control over one’s own life, with devastating effects on their health. With the help of international agreements, aid organizations and campaigns to raise awareness of the issues, we can work to stop these violations of human rights. 

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