Lorraine Sheinberg

Board Member / Chair, Strategic Communications

Sheinberg is a Member of the Human Rights Watch Africa Advisory Committee and the Human Rights Watch Women’s Rights Advisory Committee. She has produced and directed a series of fourteen educational videotapes for FMF programs including:

Never Go Back: The Thread to Legalized Abortion, narrated by Carrie Fisher; They Lied, written and narrated by Susan Rubin; Revelations: Exposing the Radical Right, narrated by Alfre Woodard; Killing in the Name of Life: Terrorism Against Abortion Clinics narrated by Carrie Fisher; The Global Majority…Again, written and narrated by Susan Rubin; Shroud of Silence: Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, narrated by Carrie Fisher; Hot Buttons: How Wedge Issues Spin Elections, written and narrated by Susan Rubin; A Stake in ’08, written and narrated by Susan Rubin; and No More Excuses: Stop Rapists by Testing Evidence Kits Now, written and narrated by Susan Rubin.

Sheinberg is an advisory board member of Ms. Magazine and an Advisory Board member of Girls Learn International. Sheinberg was an actor, perhaps best remembered for her role in JAWS, and a board member of the Children’s Action Network.

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