Global Women’s Rights Awards

Monday, June 3, 2019 • The SilverScreen Theater at the Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood • 6 PM Reception • 7:30 PM Awards Program

About the Event

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award is given annually to a select few individuals who have contributed greatly to advancing the rights of women and girls, and to increasing awareness of the injustices women face on account of their gender. This year’s Awards celebrate the renewed activism to secure final ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the massive cultural changes inspired by the menstrual equity movement here and worldwide.

About the Honorees

Join us as we honor the team behind the Oscar-winning documentary Period. End of Sentence. The film follows a group of women in rural India, where the stigma of menstruation persists; the women stride toward financial independence by making low-cost sanitary pads on machinery that was purchased and installed with funds raised by The Oakwood School’s chapter of Girls Learn International, a program of the Feminist Majority Foundation. We present our award to the film’s director Rayka Zehtabchi, producers Melissa BertonLisa Taback and Guneet Monga, the students of Oakwood, the head of Action India Gouri Choudhury, and Sneha, whose story and dreams you come to know through the film, now viewable on Netflix.

We salute Patricia Arquette and Alyssa Milano for their outspoken advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment, together with Jennifer Carroll Foy and Hala Ayala, the two Virginia House Delegates who led the legislative drive this year that came within one vote of securing Virginia as the 38th and final state needed for ratification of the ERA. Activists have vowed to replace lawmakers who voted “NO” and take up the vote again in 2020.

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