For Immediate Release

April 27, 2012

Feminist Majority Board Member Dolores Huerta to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal, Executive Vice President Kathy Spillar, and Chair of the Board Peg Yorkin issued the following joint statement on the announcement that Board Member Dolores Huerta will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: The Feminist Majority Foundation and its board salutes our colleague and friend Dolores Huerta for all of her historic achievements for social justice and equality. We are very proud that she will be awarded by President Barack Obama the highest civilian award. In response to the announcement, Chair of the Board Peg Yorkin said, “No one deserves this honor more than Dolores Huerta. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of those who work the farm fields of this country and has been an incredible advocate for women and girls’ empowerment.” President Eleanor Smeal said, “For some 25 years, we have worked very closely with Dolores Huerta in our fight for women’s equality, civil rights, and worker’s rights. Dolores is an inspiration to all of us at all times. She is dedicated to win equality for women in the state house and Congress and she has significantly increased the number of Latina women running for office.” Executive Vice President Kathy Spillar praised Dolores’ work, saying, “It has been my great honor to work with Dolores for nearly 25 years to empower women and girls and secure our fundamental rights. I have learned enormously through her example. Despite the hardship she has seen and the difficulties she has endured, she is the single most optimistic person I have ever known. There is nothing that can’t be done when Dolores Huerta is involved.”


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