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May 26, 2009

Feminist Majority Foundation: Prop. 8 Decision Tragic; Vows to Fight On

The California Supreme Court decided today to uphold Proposition 8, the November 2008 ballot initiative that overturned the right of same-sex marriage recognized in a May 2008 California Supreme Court decision.

“The decision of the California Supreme Court to uphold Proposition 8 is tragic, although we are relieved the Court protected the thousands of couples who married before November 5,” said Katherine Spillar, executive vice president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, and a board member of Equality California, the state’s leading gay and lesbian rights organization.

“The Court has simply erred in its decision, and has badly injured its legacy as a champion of equality,” continued Spillar. “Before today, the Court has been at the forefront of advancing civil rights under the constitution – even when to do so was controversial – not taking away fundamental rights.”

“It is ironic that the Court’s decision goes against the current momentum across the country in favor of full equality. Once a trend-setting state, California now lags behind even Iowa,” said Eleanor Smeal, FMF president. Since the vote on Proposition 8 last November, Iowa has recognized same-sex marriages, along with Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut. The District of Columbia has voted to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, and New Hampshire and New York are on the brink of legalizing same-sex marriage.

“We are determined to win full equality in the polls and at the ballot box,” said Eleanor Smeal. “Plans are already being formulated for bringing the question of same-sex marriage back to the California ballot. The Feminist Majority Foundation will join in any future efforts to restore the fundamental human rights of same-sex couples to marry.”

Rallies will be held in a number of California cities and around the country today to protest the decision. See

On Saturday, at 1 p.m., a rally for national marriage equality will be held in Fresno, California, beginning at the steps of City Hall.

Feminist Majority Foundation campaigned to defeat Proposition 8 and coauthored an amicus brief with NOW submitted to the Court in favor of overturning Proposition 8.



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