For Immediate Release

August 26, 2019

The Feminist Majority Rallies Support for the ERA on Women's Equality Day

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates the day that Tennessee ratified the 19th amendment, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation Eleanor Smeal released the following statement:

“Today is Women’s Equality Day but we obviously don’t have equality yet. In fact, we are going backwards. Our government has installed global and domestic gag rules, is trying to weaken Title IX protections, enacted new rules that will indefinitely detain children and families in for-profit ICE detention camps, and is working overtime to systematically undermine reproductive rights by passing outrageous abortion bans in many states and restricting Title X funds from reproductive health clinics that desperately need them. How can it be that in 2019 that we still have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment? How can guns be enshrined in the constitution but not equal rights?  The fight continues.”

The Feminist Majority is currently working in 2019 state legislative races in Virginia and Louisiana to make sure the ERA is ratified.


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