National Clinic Access Project
The largest national program tracking violence against abortion clinics and providers, NCAP produces Annual Clinic Violence Surveys, and Anti-Abortion Violence Alerts.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances and Choices Campaign
Check out’s sister site,, where pro-choice activists from campuses across the nation meet!

Alan Guttmacher Institute
The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) is a public policy organization that works “to protect the reproductive choices of all women and men–in the United States and throughout the world,” including the support of women’s “ability to obtain the information and services needed to achieve their full human rights, safeguard their health and exercise their individual responsibilities in regard to sexual behavior, reproduction and family formation.” Download their research and publications and learn about the state of reproductive health throughout the world.

ARHP – Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
ARHP is a different kind of medical association. Their members define reproductive health in broad terms and recognize that the best health care is delivered through a team of professionals partnering with an informed patient. They are the association that brings together health care professionals across disciplines and specialties for evidence based training and network building among committed colleagues.

The National Abortion Rights Action League’s site provides information on the history of mifepristone and its impact on abortion politics and research.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
This abortion page, part of the NOW site, contains information on NOW’s activities in the pro-choice movement.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.
Planned Parenthood’s site provides information on all aspects of sexual and reproductive health, including contraception/birth control, family planning services, pregnancy, STD’s, sexuality education, abortion, pro-choice advocacy, reproductive rights, and also other links to related resources. The site also includes a take action message of the week.

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