Empowering Women in Sports

Over two decades have passed since the enactment of Title IX, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in federally-funded education, including athletics.

As a result of Title IX, women and girls have benefited from more athletic participation opportunities and more equitable facilities. Because of Title IX, more women have received athletic scholarships and thus opportunities for higher education that some may not have been able to afford otherwise. In addition, because of Title IX the salaries of coaches for women’s teams increased.

But women and girl athletes have yet to reach parity with men. Women are still only about one-third of interscholastic and intercollegiate athletes. In addition, women college athletes receive less than 26% of college sports’ operating budgets, and less than 28% of college recruiting money (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2001).

This Empowering Women in Sports report is a publication of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Task Force on Women and Girls in Sports.


Women Still on the Sidelines
Barriers to Women in Athletic Careers
Women in the Olympics
Women Athletes in the Media
Athletics in the Lives of Women and Girls
Contact Sports and Violence Against Women
Sports for All
A “Partnership” Model of Sports
Exploding the Myths
Strategies for Change
End Notes
List of Resources
What is Title IX?
If you have a Title IX Complaint…

(Empowering Women in Sports, The Empowering Women Series, No. 4; A Publication of the Feminist Majority Foundation, 1995)

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