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Learn About Winning Title IX Cases
Consider options to obtain remedies for sex discrimination in education such as: using internal grievance procedures, filing a federal complaint with the Office for Civil Rights, and filing a lawsuit. Be inspired by learning about successful Title IX cases in the areas of athletics, sexual harassment, testing, and discrimination against pregnant students.

Become a Title IX Activist
Help counteract threats to Title IX by becoming an informed Title IX Activist. Sign up for our alerts, news, and information on gender equity resources.

Participate in the Title IX Action Network
Learn how you can contribute to the Title IX Action Network as a Title IX Coordinator, Equity Ally, or Gender Equity Resource Provider.

File a Discrimination Complaint
Have you been discriminated against in school or as a school employee because of your gender, race, national origin, age, or disability? Does your school offer more resources, programs, or sports opportunities for men and boys than for women and girls? These are all forms of discrimination prohibited by Title IX and other civil rights legislation. You have the right to seek action on these unlawful discriminations by filing a complaint.

Join Feminist Campus
Feminist Campus is the Feminist Majority Foundation’s national network of student-led feminist organizations on college and university campuses. Feminist Campus welcomes faculty, staff, and students, and can help you start a feminist organization on your campus.

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