Campus Coordinating Committee Report – 1967

The purpose of NOW is to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society, to share equally with men the rights and responsibilities necessary for the full development of human potential. To achieve this goal, occupational and educational benefits must be made equal and young women must be encouraged to take advantage of their increasing opportunities. NOW should therefore oppose those policies of schools, colleges and universities which discriminate against women economically, unfairly limiting their chances for career and financial advancement, and socially inhibiting their development of confidence and personal responsibility. The Campus Coordinating Committee hopes to spearhead such opposition by recruiting students, faculty and university employees and by forming campus chapters of NOW. Although it is anticipated that such chapters will become deeply concerned with other aspects of the unfinished revolution of women, they will be uniquely adapted to working towards such goals as:

1. Dual educational opportunities: Abolition of discrimination against women in undergraduate and graduate school admissions and in the granting of scholarships, fellowships and other types of assistance.

2. Dual employment benefits: Abolition of discrimination in pay, consideration for hiring and opportunities for job advancement in all branches of university employment.

3. Establishment of University-run nurseries where parents may leave their children while at work or study.

4. Abolition of nepotism rules, written and unwritten, which deprive faculty wives of jobs by forbidding both husband and wife to hold faculty appointments simultaneously in the same academic department.

5. Academic reform: (a) Abolition or revision of all psychology, homemaking and other courses which present a subservient and degraded image of women; (b) opening up to members of both sexes, courses, such as home economics courses, previously offered to one sex only; (c) establishment of courses dealing with women, their problems, and their fight for equality in psychology, sociology and history departments.

6. Equalization of all dormitory hours, sign-out requirements and social regulations which discriminate against women on assumption that they require more protection than men and are not equally endowed with self-control, responsibility and common sense.

7. Integration of student facilities, in order to promote healthy social contact between men and women without artificial barriers, and thereby combat the stereotyping of individuals by members of the opposite sex. Such integration by sex could be achieved by providing common dining halls, study rooms and recreational facilities for men and women and by providing alternation of the sexes by dormitory wing, floor or segment of floor.

8. Equality of initiative and responsibility in dating: Alteration of the rigid pattern by which dating and other social contact between men and women is initiated, planned, paid for and controlled by men.

9. Sex equalization or abolition of the draft.

10. Birth control: Student health services should be encouraged to make birth control information and methods available to all students over the age of consent who want them.

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