National Organization For Women – An Invitation to Join

Issued September, 1966

N.O.W. is a new national organization being formed “To take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW, assuming all the privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.

“With so many Americans consciously concerned with full participation of all our citizens and with dramatic progress at many levels in recent years, the time is ripe for concerted directed national action. The report of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, “American Women” has laid out a broad field of action. Governor’s Commissions in virtually every state in the union have studied or are studying the situation in their states and many are working to modernize their laws and practices.An Interdepartmental Committee, advised by the Citizens AdvisoryCouncil on the Status of Women, has responsibility for promoting full partnership within the federal government. The Civil RightsAct of 1964 prohibits discrimination in employment on the ground of sex, as well as of race, religion or national origin, and theAlabama jury case of 1966, White vs. Crook, brings women under the “equal protection of the law” as provided in the 5th and 14th amendments of the Constitution.

The basis has thus been laid for realizing the democratic American goal of full participation and equal partnership for all citizens.We are convinced, however, that only with continuing pressure and action by those most concerned can we assure the gains that are in sight and prevent the dilution of the goals.

Through its broad range of individual members, N.O.W. will build upon the work of and cooperate closely with other organizations with similar goals, action and non-action, private and public, women’s organizations and organizations concerned with specific issues and fields of action. N.O.W. will identify areas in which action is needed and provide leadership in pursuing appropriate courses of action.

As an organization of individuals, not delegates or representatives,N.O.W. will be able to act promptly. It will not generally engage in independent research but will act on the basis of information and recommendations available from status of women commissions, government agencies and specialized organizations. As a private, voluntary, self-selected group it will establish its own procedures and not be limited in its targets for action or methods of operation by official protocol.

Membership is open to any individual who is committed to our purpose. Initial dues of $5.00 are payable to the Temporary Chairman. All who join prior to October 15, 1966, will be charter members and will participate in organizational and program decisions and in the election of officers.

Temporary Steering Committee

Dr. Kathryn F. Clarenbach, Temporary Chairman

2229 Eton Ridge, Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Miss Dorothy Haener, Michigan

Mrs. Esther Johnson, District of Columbia

Dr. Pauli Murray, New York

Mrs. Inka O’Hanrahan, California

Mrs. Betty Talkington, Iowa

Dr. Caroline Ware, Virginia

NOW’s First Election Ballot

Attachment A NOW 10/26/66

Nominees for National Officers and Executive Board l966-67

Chairman of the Board: Kathryn Clarenbach (Wis.)

President: Betty Friedan (N. Y.)

Executive Vice President: Aileen Hernandez (Calif.)*

Vice President: Richard Graham (D.C.)

Secretary-Treasurer: Caroline Davis (Mich.)

Other Board Members:

Boland, Colleen (Ill.)

Conroy, Catherine (Wis. and Ill.)

Degler, Carl (N. Y.)

Drews, Elizabeth (Ore.)

Fox, Muriel (N.Y.)

Furness, Betty (N.Y.)

Haener, Dorothy (Mich.)

Hart, Jane (D.C., Mich.)

Hedgeman, Anna (N.Y.)

Indritz, Phineas (Md., D.C.)

Lewis, Rev. Dean (Pa.)

O’Hanrahan, Inka (Calif.)

Plante, Patricia (N.Y.)

Purvis, Eve (Indiana)**

Roe, Charlotte (N.Y.)

Rossi, Alice (Ill.)

Schletzer, Vera(Minn.)**

Schwartz, Edna (Minn.)**

Simchak, Mora (D.C.)*

*Subject to nominee’s acceptance, following effective date of herresignation as Commissioner of EEOC.

** Subject to nominee’s acceptance, not yet asked.

First Memo to National Board Members

November 29, 1966

MEMO TO: NOW Board Members

FROM: Kathryn F. Clarenbach, Chairman of the Board

By now you have all received a first mailing of materials and know that NOW is in business. The November 20th Board meeting in New York was well attended (18 members present) and we worked out temporary operating procedures to enable orderly functioning until the constitution is redrafted and approved. Minutes of that meeting as well as the October 29th and 30th meeting in Washington will be distributed by mail prior to the next Board meeting.

Will each of you please send me a letter of acceptance of your Board position? In the informality of getting organized this step was by-passed.

In the same letter will you also specify preference of dates of the next Board meeting? We agreed in New York to convene next in Chicago during the week of February 20, 1967. This will be a two-day meeting to consider constitution and task forces. As we want to accommodate schedules of the largest number of Board members, will you please indicate at least whether mid-week or week-end would be possible and which would be preferable. We will notify you as soon as possible of precise dates and place in Chicago.

At least two weeks prior to the February Board meeting you will receive a copy of the re-drafted constitution, and a short statement prepared by the temporary convener of each task force indicating philosophy, scope and possible implementation. We can all arrive at the meeting on somewhat the same wave length and make the best use of our time together.

Task force statements will be prepared by:

Education – Elizabeth Drews

Employment – Dorothy Haener

Legal and Political Rights – Jane Hart

Family Life (Social Innovation) – Sister Mary Joel Read

Poverty – Anna A. Hedgeman

Mass Media Image – Dean Lewis

NOW Membership – Gretchen Squires

Finances – to be assigned

A suggested outline for the brief presentation as been prepared by Sister Mary Joel Read and will go out tomorrow to each of the above.

The press conference in New York on November 21st was remarkably well-attended and handled. Muriel Fox and Betty Friedan gave an enormous amount of themselves in setting up the entire weekend.

On Tuesday, November 22nd, the three E.E.O.C. Commissioners received a NOW delegation for an hour and a half. Betty Friedan, Anna Hedgeman, Phineas Indritz, Marguerite Rawalt (our legal counsel) and I were all present. Prior to that Betty Friedan, Jane Hart and I were interviewed on television in D.C., and Betty and I had an inspection tour of our Washington headquarters – Courtesy Services. The Headquarters Committee is to be commended in its choice of this service and the smooth procedure it has set up.

The executive Committee (Betty Friedan, Anna Hedgeman, RichardGraham, Caroline Davis and I) will function between Board meetings. Any steps beyond those which we five have been empowered to take will be referred to the entire Board. I look forward to receipt of your response regarding Board position and February dates.

Thank you.

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