Resolution on Establishing a Task Force on The Masculine Mystique – 1971

WHEREAS the ideal of NOW is truly equal partnership for men and women, and

WHEREAS the reality is that many women continue to find men a stumbling block to their own development and many men are still not free to develop in ways other than those considered typically “male,” and

WHEREAS the pervasive effects of “privileges” for women and “prerogatives” for men are equally injurious to their mutual growth and maturation, and

WHEREAS human liberation necessarily involves the critical examination, vigorous analysis and daily reacceptance of themselves as women and men, and

WHEREAS consciousness-raising groups of a continuing nature provide both the time and framework within which such an examination can occur,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That NOW create a task force on the Masculine Mystique charged with suggesting the best methods in which women and men can successfully raise their consciousness to make truly equal partnership a reality.

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