After the Kansas House voted in favor of  a bill that would offer legal protection to individuals and businesses who wished to deny services to gay and lesbian individuals and couples  particularly those wishing to get married,  the Senate decided Friday that they would not approve it.

via ep_jhu

via ep_jhu

“I believe the intent of the House was to protect religious liberties,” said Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle, a Republican from Wichita. “We respect that, but the business implications are going to harm the practice of employment in Kansas.” She added, “Public service needs to remain public service for the entire public.”

If signed into law, HB 2453 would allow the refusal of government services to same-sex couples, as well as private services such as access to stores and medical services, making LGBTQ people effectively second-class citizens. Despite the Senate’s announcement, some are afraid that the bill may be slightly amended and then passed.

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