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The Shattering of the Highest Glass Ceiling

This week Hillary Clinton made history when she became the first woman ever to receive the nomination for President of the United States from a major political party.
US Leaders Speak Out on Role of Women in Afghanistan's Transition

US Leaders Speak Out on Role of Women in Afghanistan’s Transition

The US leaders asserted that women must be a strong part of Afghanistan's upcoming political, security, and economic transitions as Afghanistan holds new elections and the US withdraws its troops in 2014.
The Women of "Women, War and Peace"

The Women of “Women, War and Peace”

  By Michele Kort The remarkable five-part PBS series Women, War and Peace concludes on tonight (Tuesday, November 8th) with War Redefined, the capstone piece that brings together the issues brought up in the previous films about conflicts in Afghanistan, Colombia, Liberia and Bosnia. Narrated by Geena Davis, the film touches on, among other things,...

Hillary Clinton Calls for Ratification of CEDAW

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a meeting with Catherine Ashton, the top diplomat for the European Union and Michelle Bachelet, executive director of UN Women and the former president of Chile, signed a document in support of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). “We call upon...