Catholics for Choice Poll: Majority of Catholics Not Concerned About Abortion, Gay Marriage

In a Catholics for Choice poll of 1000 self-described Catholic voters, respondents indicated that they are most concerned about jobs, public education, and healthcare-and least concerned about abortion and gay marriage. The poll found that 83 percent of Catholic voters feel no obligation to vote the way the Catholic hierarchy recommends, and 76 percent feel that Catholic politicians are not obligated to vote the way the bishops want either.

“This poll is one in a long line of polls that all tell the same two stories: first, Catholics do not listen to their bishops when making electoral decisions. In fact, they reject the bishops’ political views and make up their own minds about whom to vote for and what issues they care about. Second, Catholic voting patterns are consistent with those in the wider electorate. Watch how Catholics vote and predict the vote for president,” John Russonello, partner at Belden Russonello Strategists, the conductor of the poll, said in a press release.

The poll also found that denying communion for Catholics because they support abortion is very unpopular. In fact, not a single demographic group polled would support the practice.

Media Resources: RH Reality Check 10/11/12; Catholics for Choice Press Release 10/11/12

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