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Birth Control

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Our Work

Women bear the burdens of having inadequate access to contraception. Whether or not women have easy access to effective contraception affects her ability to chart her life’s path, including whether and when to have a family. This directly impacts every aspect of a woman’s life; her health and well-being as well as her socio-economic, educational, political and professional status.

Our work in the area of contraception is designed to help women access the most comprehensive reproductive health information as well as services on an individual, community, national and international basis.

Recent triumphs for the Feminist Majority Foundation in this arena include the 1109 restoration of affordable contraceptive access for clinics serving low income women and college students and the 1106 FDA approval of over-the-counter emergency contraception. Today our grassroots network of activists continues to fight for increased access to and federal funding for contraception and comprehensive sex education, expecially for low-income women and young women.

Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics and End Abstinence-Only Funding
They advertise as so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" or "Pregnancy Resource Centers" on your campus or in your community. In reality, most crisis pregnancy centers (CPC's) are not medical facilities at all. Some fake clinics coerce and intimidate women out of considering abortion as an option, and prevent women from receiving neutral and comprehensive medical advice. Today there are an estimated 2,593 CPCs nationwide, and many are receiving federal funding through abstinence-only policies.

Global Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
The Feminist Majority Foundation's Choice Campus Program plays an instrumental role in educating our groups on 431 colleges campuses in 44 states across the United States about the far reaching impacts that policies made in the United States have on the reproductive health and lives of women around the world.

Emergency Contraception Campaign
Despite some hard-won victories, the Feminist Majority Foundation continues to push for increased access to Emergency Contraception aka Plan B, including a campus initative to stock all student health centers with Plan B. FMF also strives to raise awareness of the availability and safety of emergency contraception.

Feminist Majority Foundation Choices Campus Program
For more information on the above campaigns, check out's sister site,, where pro-choice activists from campuses across the nation meet!