20,000 Watch as Taliban Whips Girl

The Taliban militia group punished a teen-age girl for walking with an unrelated man with 100 lashes in front of a crowd of 20,000 in Afghanistan’s sports amphitheater. Taliban authorities accused the girl of committing adultery. The girl, known as Suhailullah, stood for 60 of the lashes and sat down for the remaining 40, without uttering a sound. Since Suhailullah was wearing a burqa, a head-to-toe garment, her age and the severity of injury caused by the lashes is unknown.

The crowd also looked on as the Taliban amputated the hands of two accused thieves. The Taliban frequently administers public punishment. Earlier this year, a yellow crane was seen driving through Kabul with the body of a man hanged for treason, and a Taliban soldier, who was convicted of theft, was driven through Kabul while strapped to the front of a truck.

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AP - February 27, 1998

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