6 Million Children Live in Poverty; President Plans Heating Aid Cuts for Poor

While a National Center for Children in Poverty released a new study showing that 6.1 million American children under the age of six live in poverty, the Clinton administration announced plans to cut federal heating aid to the poor by 25%. The administration plans to eliminate in five years federal aid program to the poor for home heating bills. Currently, the program receives $1 billion in federal aid, Clinton’s budget office has announced it will cut that to $750 million for the 1998 budget in the process of phasing out the program by the year 2002.

The study on children indicates that the poverty level among young children increased by 18% from 1972 to 1994. It also shows that an additional 4.8 million children lived near the poverty line. Fewer than one-third of poor children’s families rely solely on welfare.


USA Today - December 11, 1996

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