7 Students Arrested While Protesting Immigration Policies

At the San Bernardino Valley College campus yesterday, seven undocumented students were arrested for unlawful assembly and blocking traffic while protesting immigration policies. In total, approximately 125 people from across California gathered in total, carrying signs and chanting.

Isaac Barrera, one of the arrested students stated, “we chose this campus because we keep hearing of cases where the campus police are working directly with [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] ICE in detaining and even deporting undocumented youth. We have had enough, our communities have been hiding for far too long and we need to show them they do not need to be afraid.”

One of the policies the students protested required certain counties to check the immigration status of people detained by the police and potentially deport them. Mohammad Abdollahi, co-founder of the Dream is Coming Project stated, “It’s not always for civil disobedience, but if you roll a stop sign (you can be deported). That’s what these students were fighting against, these policies that are criminalizing our communities.”


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