A Night Without Men for the Women of Bogota, Columbia

Last Friday, the eccentric mayor of Bogata, Columbia, declared the evening to be a “Night Without Men,” and encouraged the women of the city to spend an evening celebrating with other women at bars, concerts and festivals. The evening of partying was not only a night off from domestic responsibilities, there was a serious message: reducing street crime and domestic abuse, and it worked. Crime was down 25 percent compared with a typical Friday night, with only 6 arrests. Women police officers and firefighters were also given an unusual opportunityÑmale police and firefighters took the night off, letting women officers enforce the law and take on higher-level positions, if only for one night. The Chief of police even resigned for the evening, putting Col. Gloria Cardilla in charge of the city’s force.


Nando Times Ð March 10, 2001

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