ABC’s Diane Sawyer Visits Afghanistan

Tune in tonight at 10pm (EST) as Diane Sawyer of ABC’s Primetime Live looks at life for Afghan women after the Taliban. In 1996, journalist Diane Sawyer visited Afghanistan shortly after the Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital of Kabul. She spoke with five women who were fearful for their lives and living in utter misery. Sawyer returned to Afghanistan this winter to once again meet with the 5 women she interviewed 6 years ago. Unfortunately, as Sawyer learns, after their interview years ago, many of the Afghan women were hunted and terrorized by the Taliban’s Squad for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, because they spoke to a Western journalist.

Also in this prime time program, Sawyer talks with Afghan women who are hopeful, as their country enters a new chapter in its history and prepares for a future freed from the draconian laws of the Taliban regime.

Sources:, 2/28/02

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