Abortion Ban Moves Through Mississippi Senate

An abortion ban has been introduced in the Mississippi State Senate. The Mississippi Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare approved Senate Bill 2795, which bans abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or the health of a pregnant woman. The Chairman of the Senate has one week to take action on the bill.

In many ways, the bill is similar to the latest South Dakota abortion ban that was introduced into the South Dakota House of Representatives earlier this week. In 2006, an outright ban that only allowed for abortion to “prevent the death of a woman” was overturned by South Dakota voters in the November election. Recently, a new bill was introduced in South Dakota that provides for more exceptions. The Mississippi law, like the new bill in South Dakota, uses pro-woman language to justify the ban, mentioning “the fundamental rights of the pregnant mother to her relationship with her child” and claiming that “procedures terminating the life of an unborn child impose risks to the life and health of the pregnant woman.” Both the Mississippi and South Dakota legislation use the same exact phrase: “An abortion is an unworkable method for a pregnant mother to give up, surrender, or waive her fundamental right to her relationship with her child.”

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