Abortion Clinic Evicted From Building

Judge John DiNoto has ruled that a landlord may evict the Long Island Gynecological service. The lease permits abortions on the premises but, under new terms agreed to in January, the lease prohibits any activity that “jeopardizes the safety and prope rty of other tenants.” Because many persons have violently attacked clinic members and other tenants, the landlord argued that the clinic violated the terms of their lease. Representative Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who sponsored the 1994 F.A.C.E. bill, c alled the ruling “mind-boggling” and said that, “It is going to have a profound effect on a woman’s right to choose. These fringe pro-life groups found new ways to get rid of abortion clinics.” The clinic plans to appeal the ruling.


Source: The Nando Times - October 31, 1995

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