Abortion Issue Divides Republican Party

A New York Times article Sunday (3-10) explored the discrepancy between the Republican party’s position against abortion and the positions of individual Republicans. While the platform has called for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion since 1976, polls in several states this year showed majority opposition to such a ban in the partly platform. The article mentioned that presidential candidate Bob Dole, a man with a self-proclaimed “strong pro-life record,” might consider a pro-choice running mate in the form of Colin Powell or New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Dole himself supports a constitutional ban on abortion except for cases of rape or incest or to save the mother’s life. Conservative anti-choice activists such as Phyllis Schlafly maintain such a running mate would be unacceptable.

Susan Cullman of the Republican Coalition for Choice said she called for a resolution to discuss the abortion issue at the Republican National Convention in San Diego in August, but the call was rejected in January at the last Republican National Committee meeting. The Republican War Against Women: An Insider’s Report from Behind the Lines, Tanya Melich’s new book from Bantam Doubleday Dell, sheds further light on the abortion issue within the Republican party.


The Nando Net and the New York Times News Service - March 11, 1996

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