Abortion Rights Leaders Discuss Anti-Abortion Violence With Reno

Attorney General Janet Reno met with abortion rights leaders Wednesday following a memorial service for Dr. Barnett Slepian held outside the nation’s Capitol. Close to 20 representatives from clinics, women’s groups, and abortion rights groups met with Reno to discuss the ongoing violence against clinics and doctors that provide abortion services to women.

The meeting was arranged as a result of the death of Dr. Slepian, killed in his upstate New York home last Friday by a sniper who shot him through a kitchen window.

The representatives from clinics, women’s groups, and pro-choice groups urged Reno to make sure that law agencies share information about clinic violence suspects.

“It was an extremely productive meeting,” said Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt. “We came away from it very optimistic that the Attorney General, who has always been very responsive, is going to be even more so and is prepared to take on some vigorous coordinated work.”

Feldt added that Reno “understands how dire the situation is right now,” and expects that Reno will together with abortion rights representatives in the future. “We will have another meeting and continue to pursue various action, both prevention and apprehension,” Feldt said.


Nando.net and AP- October 28, 1998

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