Abortion, Women’s Groups Shaped Key Races

A report released today reveals that pro-choice, women’s rights, and environmental groups helped shape the outcome of some Congressional elections with their strong get-out-the-vote efforts. Brigham Young University Professor David Magelby noted that get-out-the-vote efforts were more effective for Democratic candidates, specifically citing the mobilization of African-American, pro-choice women, and pro-labor voters. The report focuses on several “upset” races, including Debbie Stabenow’s (D-MI) defeat of anti-choice incumbent Spencer Abraham. The report notes that Stabenow, who did not have money to run her own commercials, benefited from the ads (and get-out-the-vote campaigns) run in her state by women’s and pro-choice groups. A 10-point gender gap was decisive in Stabenow’s victory.


Associated Press and Washington Post Ð February 5, 2001 and Feminist Majority Foundation, ÒHow the Gender Gap Shaped Election 2000: Preliminary Report,Ó January 12, 2001

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