ACM to Develop Plan for Gender Equity in Computer Science

The Association for Computer Machinery’s Committee on Women in Computing announced today that it will conduct research into how the percentage of female computer science students in high schools, colleges and graduate schools can be increased.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the one-year study will gather and interpret existing research on the gender gap in computer science and formulate a plan for winning gender equity. ACM’s three goals for the study are:

  • to provide a public repository and central focal point for information and research pertaining to women in computing
  • to raise awareness of the gender gap in the computing community
  • to provide an analysis of the current state of research and projects and, based on this analysis, provide an understanding of potential future directions for research and projects, with the goal of increasing the numbers of women in computing and making computer science environments more women-friendly.

Results from the study will be published on the ACM Committee on Women in Computing’s Web site, http://www.acm.org/women/.


Business Wire - November 9, 1998

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