Activists Demand Justice in Juarez Murders

Human rights activists marched in Washington to the Mexican Embassy this weekend to demand justice for over 370 women who have been victims of serial killings in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The leader of the march, a mother of one of the victims, stated that she has been harassed and threatened by the Mexican government for speaking out against the murders, reports Reuters.

According to Reuters, human rights groups are accusing the Mexican authorities of responding to the murders incompetently. In a report issued by Amnesty International, Mexican police have failed to take the necessary actions to investigate the abductions and brutal murders of women and girls in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico. The majority of victims, usually workers at US-owned assembly plants and factories known as maquiladoras, were raped and strangled, their bodies left in the Chihuahua desert.

Responding to accusations from human rights groups, members of Congress, and families of victims, Mexico’s President Vicente Fox recently stated that he has no evidence of corruption or incompetence in investigations of the killings of women in Jaurez, reports the Washington Post.

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Washington Post 11/01/03; Reuters 11/1/03

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