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Activists Petition Tennessee General Assembly to Protect Access to Reproductive Health

Feminist across the nation are speaking up to save reproductive health access in Tennessee.

via SMN
via SMN

A slew of abortion restrictions are now on the table in Tennessee following the passage of Amendment 1 in November, which took away privacy rights to abortion from women in the state and opened the floodgates to legislating around reproductive rights at the state level.

The Feminist Majority Foundation launched a petition – which already has over 1,500 signatures – calling on Tennessee legislators to ensure that women have access to comprehensive health care, and students on college campuses in the state are also circulating it on the ground. The petition will be delivered to Governor Haslam, Senate Speaker Ron Raamsey, and House Speaker Beth Harwell before the legislative session convenes in April.

Feminists in Tennessee organized the Women’s March on Nashville last week, including former Tennessee House representative Gloria Johnson. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Tennessee Tower Plaza just as the Tennessee legislature began the new session. Speakers at the march included Senator Sara Kyle, Michele Johnson of the Tennessee Justice Center, and chairwoman of the Tennessee Democratic Party Mary Mancini.

Take Action: Sign the petition to Governor Bill Haslam, House Speaker Beth Harwell, and Lieutenant Governor Rom Ramsey to stand in opposition to these measures and all attacks on women’s abortion rights in Tennessee.

Media Resources: Feminist Newswire;; Nashville Scene 1/13/15

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