Activists Protest Anti-Gay “Dr.” Laura

Gay rights supporters across the country are protesting today’s premiere of “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger’s television talk show. Schlessinger has repeatedly aired her view that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are “deviant” and “a biological error.” The Stop Dr. Laura coalition has called for a boycott of the show, urging concerned activists to take action by pressuring Paramount Studios to stop producing the show, and calling for corporate sponsors to revoke their advertisements. Protests have been successful, as over two dozen sponsors have pulled their ads since April. Companies that have dropped Dr. Laura include Proctor & Gamble, RadioShack, Priceline.com, Gateway, Sears, and Xerox. Groups will hold demonstrations today at various local TV stations across the country that have agreed to carry the show.

According to Dr. Laura’s website, the mission of her show is “to dispense morals, values, principles and ethics.” Paramount, owned by Viacom corporation, released a statement in support of the Dr. Laura TV show, saying “we are committed to presenting society’s moral and ethical issues without creating or contributing to an environment or hurt, hate, or intolerance.” Schlessinger holds a BA in biological science and a PhD in physiology.

Visit www.stopdrlaura.com to Take Action on this issue.


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