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Actor David Schwimmer Says ‘There Was A Lot of Overreacting’ in #MeToo Movement

Actor David Schwimmer said in a recent interview that the #MeToo movement created an atmosphere of “terror” for all men.

David Schwimmer credits his social activism with having grown up in a strong female household, citing both his mother-a feminist activist and lawyer-and sister as examples of women who have shaped his perspective. Schwimmer, in an interview with the Guardian, acknowledged his privilege as a heterosexual white male and explained how he uses his platform to advocate for the end of sexual violence. Being a public supporter of the #MeToo movement, in 2018 Schwimmer also produced a number of short films called #ThatsHarassment, and is currently on the board of directors for the Rape Foundation in CA.

Initially, Schwimmer offered that the #MeToo movement was something he felt really excited about, speaking to the harassment of which has affected all the women he knows in different ways. In his interview, Schwimmer also explicitly denounced the actions of both Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, especially vocal in his disappointment that many people had dismissed the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Donald Trump. He disagreed with critics of the movement who deemed it a “witch hunt” against men, but did feel it was one that created an atmosphere of “terror” for all men, and described how the “overreacting,” of #MeToo led to “some of the more complex situations (being) lumped in with the more egregious and criminal.”

The #MeToo movement was created in 2006 to help raise awareness for “survivors of sexual violence, particularly black women and girls, and other young women of color,” in low-income communities, find the necessary resources in order to begin the healing process after experiencing sexual violence in any form. #MeToo advocates work to create solutions that intend to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault in their respective communities.

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