Afghan Journalism Student Allegedly Tortured

An afghan appeals court transferred journalism student Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh to a hospital for tests on Sunday after he said he was tortured by security forces. The 23-year-old student was sentenced to death in January for distributing information regarding the role of women in Islam. A three judge panel in Mazar-i- Sharif found Kambakhsh guilty of “distributing blasphemous material.” “My client has been tortured while in custody. He has suffered a fracture to his nose and damage to his wrist,” said Mohammad Afzal Nuristani, Kambakhsh’s attorney, in court on Sunday, according to AFP. “Kambakhsh should be examined and released in the light of these new facts revealed by the defense. What with confessions extracted under torture – an unjust procedure – and the constant pressure, everything indicates that the trial that resulted in Kambakhsh being sentenced to death did not respect the basic principles of Afghan due process. The judicial authorities should take note of this,” said Reporters Without Borders in a statement.


AFP 6/1/08; Reporters Without Borders 6/1/08; Feminist Daily Newswire

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