Afghan Organs Stolen in Peshawar Refugee Camps

The extraction of human organs is becoming increasingly common in Afghan refugee camps in Peshawar, according to a report by the Women’s Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan (WAPHA).

WAPHA sent a three-member delegation to visit several Afghan refugee camps near Peshawar to collect information on the situation there. The group learned that human organs, in particularly kidneys from children, are being stolen from refugees in the camps.

The report issued by the group also revealed that Afghan children, eight and nine-years-old, are subjected to sexual violence, victims of beatings, and forced into child labor. Girls of up to 10-years-old are bound in wedlock against heavy dowers.

The authors of the report allege that local police as well as officials of Afghan refugees commissionerate are implicated in these crimes.


WAPHA - November 11, 1998

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