Afghan Woman Appointed to Key UN Post

Sima Samar, a top Afghan human rights and women’s rights advocate, was appointed to the United Nations High Level Advisory Board of Mediation. Dr. Samar has been a leading advocate for human rights and women’s rights and has served in high ranking roles since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. Since then, she served as the first Minister for Women’s Affairs in the Afghan government and, until recently, was serving as the Chairperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. Between 2005-2009, Dr. Samar was also the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Sudan.

The UN High Level Advisory Board on Mediation is comprised of 18 current and former leaders, all experts in different areas of international affairs and conflict resolution and mediation. The Advisory Board is a new initiative by the current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, established in September of 2017. The goal is to work on specific mediation initiatives and efforts to tackle conflict around the globe and take on preventative measures in fragile areas.

In addition to Dr. Samar, Adela Raz, another Afghan woman, will be leading the Afghanistan mission in the United Nations. She will be the first woman to represent Afghanistan on a global stage at the UN. Although there is much to be done to accomplish equality in Afghanistan, Afghan women have proved to be resilient and have come a long way. These two appointments are the examples of many in the leadership positions inside the country as well as representing Afghanistan outside.


Media Resources: Tolo News 1/18/19

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