Afghan Women’s Magazine Goes to Press

The first issue of the Afghan women’s magazine Roz (The Day) was sent to the presses earlier this week. Featuring articles on society, law, cooking, and fashion, the magazine hopes to “help educate women and teach them how to help each other,” says editor-in-chief Lailoma Ahmadi. Funded by the French magazine Elle, this new magazine will employ 16 journalists, 14 of them women. In addition to providing funding for salaries, the Hachette Group, the parent company of Elle, has donated computers, a camera, and other materials to the magazine. Copies of the magazine’s first issue will be distributed free in Kabul. Subsequent issues will cost around 15 cents.

Ahmadi has long been in the field of communication. She worked as a newscaster for Afghan radio for 18-years before the Taliban rose to power. Now, she will be responsible for a 36-page magazine, with articles in Dari, Pastu, French, and English, that will try to inspire hope in Afghan women.


CNN.com, 4/2/02

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