Afghanistan’s Disarmament in Serious Jeopardy

The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan’s disarmament program is in “serious jeopardy.” According to UN News, the top UN official in Afghanistan warned that the disarmament program is in danger because of obstruction by militiamen in the country.

According to the spokesperson for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Afghanistan, “the Afghan people know from bitter experience that the country will not enjoy lasting peace until rival armies have demobilized and been replaced by one national army under central government control,” reports UN News. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense had a plan to disarm 40 percent of the 100,000 fighters by the end of June, reports the Associated Press. However, the UN has asserted that the plan still has yet to begin.

Meanwhile, despite the recent killings of three election personnel, voter registration in Afghanistan is continuing. According to IRIN News, only 1.9 million out of the 10.5 million Afghans eligible to vote have been registered due to the rise in security threats around the country. Thirty percent of those registered are women.

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UN News 5/6/04; Associated Press 5/6/04

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