Afghans May Face Severe Hunger

The World Food Program (WFP) stated today that millions of people in war-ravaged Afghanistan face the potential of severe food shortages this winter.

The WFP pointed to soaring wheat prices, a bad harvest, and a lack of supplies from Pakistan as contributors to this potential food crisis in Afghanistan.

Many in Kabul blame the United Nations sanctions for the food shortages. The sanctions, intended to force the Taliban army to give up suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden, were imposed on November 14, but they do not directly affect food or humanitarian aid.

The Taliban army has imposed a system of gender apartheid on the women of Afghanistan, denying most women access to education, medical care, and the ability to leave their homes without a close male relative. The Feminist Majority Foundation’s campaign to stop gender apartheid has led the campaign to ensure that the United States and the United Nations not recognize the misogynist Taliban regime.


AP and FMF - December 10, 1999

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