Afghans Protest Taliban, Pakistan’s Interference

Afghan refugee families protested the “gradual invasion of Afghanistan by Pakistan, Arab militias and Talibs (members of the Taliban regime)” in numerous demonstrations this past week. Rallies were held in a San Francisco-area park, across the street from Pakistan’s embassy in Washington, D.C., and in the cities of London, Paris, Toronto, and New Delhi.

Angry protestors accused Pakistan’s government of using its military intelligence services (ISI) to bolster the Taliban, providing the extremist militia with arms, logistics, supplies, and soldiers. The Afghan refugee families shouted slogans including “down with the Taliban and the Pakistani ISI” and “death to Nawaz Sharif and bin Laden.”

The London protest became violent when demonstrators attacked the Pakistani embassy, injuring two employees and causing damage to the building.


AAR - August 20, 1999

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