Alexis Herman’s Bid for Secretary of Labor Looks Good

After her “brief and gentle” confirmation hearing on March 18, propects for Alexis Herman’s approval for Secretary of Labor look promising. Herman, who would be the highest-ranking African-American woman in the administration, is a strong supporter of women’s rights and minority issues, and was the youngest person ever to head the Dept. of Labor’s Women’s Bureau.

Herman is the only member of the Clinton cabinet who has not yet been confirmed — her confirmation hearings were delayed because of questions about her involvement in White House fundraising efforts. But at her hearing, fundraising issues were hardly mentioned, and she was introduced and praised by two conservative Republicans from her home state of Alabama, Sen. Richard Shelby and Rep. Sonny Callahan.

The Senate will vote on Herman’s confirmation after Congress returns from their two-week Easter recess on April 8.


The Washington Post - 3/19/97

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