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American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Fired Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Following sexual misconduct allegations, American Apparel’s founder and Chief Operating Officer Dov Charney has been fired.

via Dov Charney
via Dov Charney


The company’s executive board voted Wednesday to remove Charney from the position. John Luttrell, American Apparel’s executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer will be taking over Charney’s position during the interim, according to NPR.

The sexual misconduct allegations surfaced back in 2008, according to NPR. Former employee Irene Morales was forced to perform sexual acts on Charney at his apartment shortly after she turned 18, under the threat of otherwise losing her job, reported Reuters. In the 2011 story, Reuters reported that Morales’ lawyer, Eric Baum, stated that Charney was abusing his power.

“Victims of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace often don’t take action to protect themselves,” Baum said. “This does not give Dov Charney the right to sexually assault and abuse his employees.”

NPR also reported on the other sexual misconduct allegations – totaling four – Charney faced. One employee alleged Charney created a hostile work environment by using sexually explicit language and walking around in his underwear. 

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