American Embassy in London Seeks Immunity Against Case of Sexual Harassment

The American Embassy in London has claimed state immunity in an effort to block a sexual harassment judgment. Mary Fogarty claims she was sexually harassed at the embassy when her boss repeatedly made obscene comments at her and began licking her ear. She subsequently lost her job, and the embassy repeatedly turned her down for other jobs. An industrial tribunal judged that the Embassy had harassed her and awarded her 12,000 pounds, but her lawyer believes the embassy’s claim for immunity “will almost certainly succeed.” Attorney Laurence Davies, a former City solicitor further commented, “It is nothing short of scandalous that the perpetrators of this discrimination are prepared to hide behind the U.S. flag. We have received calls from sympathetic Americans within and outside the embassy who are disgusted at this cynical attempt to escape liability; they are ashamed of the U.S. and rightly so.”


: The Nando Net - February 18, 1997

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