Amnesty International Documents Taliban’s Crimes

In its annual report released yesterday, Amnesty International documented human rights abuses in 142 countries and territories, including the abused committed by Afghanistan’s Taliban regime.

According to Amnesty, the Taliban massacred thousands of civilians and tortured thousands more in 1998. The report documented the Taliban’s attacks surrounding Mazar-e-Sharif, where Taliban guards “deliberately and systematically killed thousands of ethnic Hazara civilians.” It also recorded the lives of thousands killed “deliberately and arbitrarily” by various warring factions and noted that more than 1,000 people lives were taken by land mines.

Amnesty International also charged the Taliban with detailing and torturing Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek and Panjsheri men and boys. “Almost all prisoners detained on suspicion of opposing the Taliban were reported to have been tortured or ill-treated,” read the report.

Regarding the Taliban’s treatment of women, Amnesty wrote “Tens of thousands of women effectively remained prisoners in their homes. Fears of punishment prevents tens of thousands of women from seeking education and employment or leaving home without a close male relative.”

Women and men caught defying the Taliban’s harsh edicts were publicly humiliated and beaten by officers of the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. Other punishments included eight floggings, fourteen public amputations, and ten public executions.

Amnesty International 1999 Annual Report


AFP - June 16, 1999

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