Another Right Winger Blames Feminism for Terrorist Attacks

Ultra-conservative radio and TV icon “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger joined the ranks of right-wing figures offering reactionary statements after last week’s terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC. Schlessinger allegedly implied that the security breach leading to the attack on the Pentagon was a result of the presence of women in the military. Mary Yastishock a retired Air Force Trial Lawyer, had two conversations with the show’s production officials who initially denied those accusations. During the second conversation, the same officials admitted that Schlessinger “did say that” a couple of times, but later “clarified” her position as supporting women in the military as long as they do not participate in direct combat. No transcript of recording of the show was available. Schlessinger has been infamous for her anti-gay statements, and her recent television show was cancelled from most major networks.


The Washington Post - September 18,2001

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